Campusbells is designed and developed using the latest Mobile technology 

Unique design for your school

We submit a unique app for each school. Easy to find, for parents and students, on all the major app stores. No advertisements appear in your app.

Unlimited free messages

Send hundreds of messages per day free of cost to the parents's mobile on demand. 
Save money on SMS enabled apps. 
We provide free SMS included in the app.

Publish School events

Feel free to publish all your school event photos, videos to the parent app. They can view it on the mobile or  click on the link to the server.
All  at the touch of the button and in one single app. Involving parents everyday with school / class events builds up the strong branding and binding relationships all around. 

Safe & Secure

Each notification is sent on encrypted form.
User can decide to uninstall the app.
No data is collected or used by Campusbells and related partners without permission from school Management.

for the techie All about Push Notifications

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What is Push Notification? 

Push notification, also called server push notification, is the delivery of information from a software application to a computing device without a specific request from the client.

An important advantage of push notifications in mobile computing is that the technology doesn't require specific applications on a mobile device to be open in order for a message to be received. This allows a smartphone to receive and display social media or text message alerts even when the device's screen is locked and the social media application that is pushing the notification is closed.  

Why Push Notifications

Push notifications work by sending a message to the notification center or status bar of your user’s smartphone and is the default way of communication for apps on smartphones.

Push notification example It is considered less intrusive than SMS because it can be delivered on the user’s screen without interrupting their current activity, and it will never incur a cost to the user. It also makes it easier for the app developer as users automatically opt in to push notifications when downloading the app.

However, caution should still be taken when sending push notifications, as the user may revoke the apps permission push notifications.

Push notifications is a time-sensitive piece of information that will benefit them. Examples would include messages from other users, reminders for certain tasks, new in-app content and special offers.